Barre Housing Authority

How To Apply

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The Barre Housing Authority administers two housing programs:
  1. Public Housing
  2. Section 8 Choice Voucher Program

Public housing units are owned and operated by the Barre Housing Authority. The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is for rental units in the private market. A housing assistance payment is paid to the landlord on behalf of the tenant.

All applicants are encouraged to apply for both programs.

Once the completed application is received in our office, it will be placed on our waiting list under pending status until the applicants eligibility can be determined. Some common delays in processing applications are:
  1. Failing to sign all required documents;
  2. Not submitting two forms of identification on all adult members of the household;
  3. Failing to submit verification of social security numbers on all family members;
  4. Not providing complete name and mailing addresses of income sources and landlord/credit references;

We do not offer emergency housing.


Eligibility for affordable housing is based on annual gross income and family size and is limited to U.S. citizens and specified categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status. Please refer to the table below.

Income Limits For Occupancy

Washington County, VT - Effective May 2023
Number of Persons in Household Extremely Low (30%) Very Low (50%) Low Income (80%)
1 $20,350 $33,900 $54,200
2 $23,250 $38,750 $61,950
3 $26,150 $43,600 $69,700
4 $30,000 $48,400 $77,400
5 $35,140 $52,300 $83,600
6 $40,280 $56,150 $89,800
7 $45,420 $60,050 $96,000
8 $50,560 $63,900 $102,200
*Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Income Limits

Payment Standards

Effective February 2023
0 Bedrooms $910
1 Bedroom $1,039
2 Bedrooms $1,368
3 Bedrooms $1,725
4 Bedrooms $1,840